Participants 2019
Shinagawa Junior String Orchestra Chamber orchestra
The Shinagawa Junior String Orchestra was founded 60 years ago in Tokyo. Susumu Miyazawa, the founder, aimed to develop students’ personalities and to let them experience the pleasures of making music together through working in an ensemble. The Shinagawa Junior String Orchestra consists of members with ages ranging from elementary school to college students. The students have been performing both European and Japanese works, establishing a cultural exchange through music. For example: 1997 – Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, 2001 – Christmas Mass in the Church of St. Bavokerk (Netherlands), 2007 – Meistersinger Hall in Nürnberg, 2010 – Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and in Essen und Mainz, 2013 – Musikverein Brahms Saal in Vienna, 2016 – Prague/Municipal House/Smetana Hall and Rudolfinum/Dvořák Hall.

The Suzuki Method of music education was established by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. The method is based on the “Mother Tongue” method, which proposes that all skills, including playing music, are not inborn and can be developed through a nurturing environment, just as all children can speak their own language. Dr. Suzuki aimed to raise every child to become a fine human being with a beautiful mind through music education. The Suzuki Method has spread throughout the whole world. Today there are more than 400,000 Suzuki Method students across 55 countries.

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